The Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP) is pleased to invite you to Discoverers’ Expedition 2018 (Rajd Odkrywców 2018 – RO18) – tourist and educational event of our scout summer. The Discoverers’ Expedition has been organised by ZHP for 10 years (previously under the name The Grunwald Rally). It is a five-day hike during which we test new methods of work and explore a chosen region of Poland – this time it will be Kashubia and Eastern Pomerania.

The Discoverers’ Expedition 2018 is made of 10 Routes which start in different places and end up in one common destination, Puck. During the hike participants stay overnight in different locations. The routes will reveal traces left in Kashubia and Pomerania by one of ten characters. Delving deeper into their stories, we will uncover surprising facts, often deeply hidden, and perhaps even embarrassing. We will find out how to put monumental characters off their pedestals and look deep into their eyes. The Discoverers’ Expedition will also be an opportunity to get to know Kashubian traditions and folklore – we will learn how to talk, sing and dance like the Kashubian. On the routes we can offer you also breathtaking views!


The Discoverers’ Expedition 2018 will start in the morning of August 1st. But we will provide also overnight accommodation for one extra night before you set off for your hike. On the last day, August 5th, all routes will lead you to Puck. The final gathering will take place just near the sea coast. There will be a roll-call of all participating patrols, followed by a concert, announcement of the winning patrols and other attractions. After the Puck Night, on the morning of August 6th, you may directly head for the National Jamboree of the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association Gdańsk 2018 (if you are participants), or in any other direction.

On the first day of the expedition you will be able to deposit your luggage destined for National Jamboree Gdańsk 2018 with the RO18 organizers. This extra luggage will be transported for you straight to the final rally in Puck and you will be able to pick it up on August 5th.

During the 5 hiking days we will discover beautiful areas of Kashubia and Pomerania. The hikes will start in different towns of tourist attraction. It is easy to get there by rail or bus. Startup locations include, among others, Gdańsk, Pelplin, Gniew, Łeba, Wejherowo, and Kwidzyn.


The youngest of them can be 12 years old. The upper age limit for participants is 25 years (this does not apply, of course, to patrol leaders). Each patrol should have 5-15 participants + at least 1 leader.


Applications are accepted via a form available for download at the address indicated on the website. The completed form should be sent to the email address under the heading “Application for RO18 + name of the scout/guide organisation”. You are welcome to register until June 11th).
(Changing members of the patrol after the registration deadline needs Expedition Chief approval, please send an email to

While registering for RO18 a patrol can indicate 1-3 preferred routes. The organizers allocate the patrol route, taking into account the preferences, the age of the participants and availability of a Polish partner patrol.
(If you choose a bicycle route, you will need to bring your own bicycle and helmet. Patrols should have basic bicycle repair equipment. It is absolutely necessary to learn about the rules of road traffic in Poland beforehand.)

International patrols must provide authorisation of International Commissioners of their scout /guide association in order to be accepted.


Participation fee is 50 EUR per person – for youth participants as well as leaders. Payment is made by bank transfer to an account indicated at

The organizer provides each participant with:
– accommodation in basic conditions (in schools),
– insurance,
– badge,
– 1 hot meal on each day of the hike, from August 1st to August 5th,
– boiling water for dinner and breakfast at accommodation places.

Communicative language for international participants is English. Both during the preparation and the event itself the partnership patrol system is in place, i.e. each international team cooperates with a team from Poland. Groups are liaised before the expedition, as soon as possible, after confirmation of registration and payment of the fee.

Accommodation in basic conditions in schools. The organizers do not provide access to showers at every overnight location. Necessary equipment: sleeping mat, sleeping bag, tourist backpack, uniform, comfortable sports shoes, shoes for change to be used in schools, food utensils (mess kit, cup, cutlery), raincoat, headwear that protects from the sun. Each patrol should have: first aid kit, compass, patrol/team pennant, flashlight, and at least two reflective vests.

Participants will carry their staff and equipment with them (in backpacks). The exception is kayak stretches, when luggage is transported for you to the next accommodation. The Discoverers’ Expedition programme will be carried out regardless of weather conditions.

If you have any questions, please contact Chief of Discoverers’ Expedition 2018

Daria Dunaj


Download application card